Carpetlight Carpetino Complete System


The CARPETLIGHT Carpetino Complete Set contains of:


 Carpetlight Carpetino 


 SNAPGRID Eggcrate for

 Carpetino Lampbody

 Controller for Carpetlight

 CL10 DMX Vmount

 Case for Carpetlight

 Carpetino Complete Set

 Headfeeder Cable 3pol

 in 5m length

 Harness for Carpetino-


 Softbox for Carpetino


 AC Power Supply 24 Volt

 60Watt Barrel Bayonett

 Bag for Carpetino Lampbody

 Euro 8 power cord angled

 Bag for Softbox Carpetino

 Spigot 16mm with SnapIn

 Folding Frame Carpetino



Find detailed information in our Broshure.

2.499,00 €

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